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An Artist's Studio

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to life in our adobe cottage! I'm Corina and I'll be sharing snippets as a work-from-home artist, stay-at-home-parent and Pasifika printmaker living in the desert. After teaching art in Texas for a few years we uprooted our little family and moved out to settle in the wild wild west. Growing our family in the wiles of Arizona has been an adventure.

In this blog I will go more in-depth with tips for printmaking in a home studio, share clips of book creation and methods for continuing my personal artist practice while our family grows. I truly believe that the artist life is one that draws inspiration from daily life, turning the mundane into masterpieces.

How are you implementing your artist practice in your daily life?

Let me know in the comments so we can help each other.

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