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ARC: Tales of Thread by Hegeleen Kissel

Great read for lovers of Greek Mythology!

I received and read my first ARC y’all! It was so much fun and her writing is beautiful!

🌿🏺Author Hegeleen Kissel ( @the_writerslibrary on IG ) published her debut novel “Tales of Thread” Monday, August 14th. You can find her eBook and paperback through Bookshop and Amazon. 🏛️🌿

ebook Tale of Thread on the bookshelf with other greek mythology books
tales of thread ebook

Growing up I loved reading Greek mythology. It was a treat to read Tales of Thread by Hegeleen Kissel who writes retellings of the familiar Grecian stories but from unique character perspectives. She also includes new tales inspired by Greek customs. The writing style is so lovely as expected from her Master’s degree in Literature and Linguistics of ancient Greek. Her characters guide you through the Grecian culture giving voice to those often silenced or on the sidelines. It is refreshing and endearing to hear these viewpoints. If you’re unfamiliar with Greek mythology her writing weaves a beautiful story to introduce you to that world of wonder. She also includes summaries of each myth she is referencing at the end of her book with details of why she chose the specific point of view.

tales of thread ebook on an ipad and a kindle reader. both are on a wooden desk next to a fox lamp and leaves
tales of thread ebook

Be prepared to move through the passion, the heartache, the adventure, the hope and the revenge of these multifaceted characters. As you read you’ll feel yourself cheering them on as they race or holding their hands as they grieve. Kissel’s book will make you love Greek mythology all over again.

Themes and representation: sisterhood, queer love, body posivity, lgbtqia+, BIPOC, disability, feminism

TW: mild to moderate suggestions as anticipated with Greek mythology of sexism, murder, rape, slavery, violence, homophobia.

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